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20 Jan 2005

First Tinky Winky, Now SpongeBob

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The BBC is reporting that Focus on the Family is calling SpongeBob Squarepants gay and that a new tape about “co-operation and unity” should not be shown in schools because of this. Since when did loving your neighbor turn into “Dude, you are so gay!” Focus on the Family doesn’t want the same sexes to marry, and now doesn’t want the same sexes to be nice to each other.

One Response to “First Tinky Winky, Now SpongeBob”

  1. MadameW Says:

    It’s a scary proposition when the prejudiced are in power. It is even more scary when those people have the power to undermine the American way of life by influencing the political machine to allow changes to the constitution which set back the progress of personal freedoms by hundreds of years.

    Even if god talks to you (George) thats no reason to force your opinions down Americas throat. Separation of church and state was put in place for a reason.

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