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28 Jan 2005

What do You Think is the Best Strategy?

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We at TownHallMeeting want to make constructive change, based on the ideals of social justice, liberty and the welfare of all people. We believe a web site with a blog is one great way to promote learning, discussion, and action. From your experience, what is the most powerful and effective strategy to fulfill these ideals?

2 Responses to “What do You Think is the Best Strategy?”

  1. Al Says:

    It seems like most mass, social movements include a charismatic leader. Unfortunately, that leads to a hierarchical type structure, leaving a single point of weakness. That’s why when Martin, Malcolm, and Che Guevara were killed, it was so devastating. Following a more democratic approach, where there really is no single leader, sounds like a good approach. I like to use the analogy of peer to peer technology used on the internet. Using peer to peer, all the computers talk to each other directly, there is no central relaying computer. That is why the music and film industries are having such a hard time right now suing file sharers. They would have to sue every person. Contrast this to the situation with Napster, which used a central computer, where once Napster was sued and lost, Napster was eliminated.

    One thing we have on our side, if nothing else, is numbers. The middle class and poor out number the very rich probably 99 to 1. Exploiting our sheer numbers must be included. I think a charismatic leader can really help short term, but long term the movement has to empower as many people as possible.

  2. mightyquinn Says:

    I agree Al, the charismatic leader thing is a major dilema, I think the only way around it is to have multiple charismas– as many of these movements have had, yet there always does seem to be a figurehead at the top. Maybe theres something hardwired into our brains about needing a leader, something bigger than ourselves to believe in. Many will have to step up from our numbers…

    One of my best (cynical) thoughts on creating change is to prey upon our natural human selfishness. I don’t think many people will act until a problem comes right to their doorstep. Can we convince the rich that the best way to preserve their power and privilage is to give some of it up so that the poor don’t end up at their door ala the French Revolution? I’m not advocating for the continuation of rich (and mostly white) privilage or for violence agianst them……any other ideas about how to use laziness or self intrest to inspire positive social change?

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