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05 Mar 2005

What Is Fascism?

Kathy found this video defining what fascism is (about 2 minutes) and alluding to what the U.S. government has been doing that falls under the definition.

4 Responses to “What Is Fascism?”

  1. Al Says:

    This kinda gets straight to the point, doesn’t it? I think the problem isn’t just Bush Jr. though, or just Republicans. Democrats are just as willing to spend all our money on the military. Basically, when it comes to war, Democrats and Republicans almost always agree. Also, Democrats were basically just as happy to pass the Patriot Act as Republicans. I think Stan Goff’s point is important to note here – that Bush is just a bull in a china shop. He is not a smooth operator, and so he is really showing the true colors of those in power, whether they are Demublicans or Republicrats. In some sense, Bush is doing a good job at exposing the establishment’s motives.

    Democrats are a little more left of center when it comes to some social issues, and so are much better at mollifying the left, but they continue to expand U.S. imperialism with as much fervor as the right. For example, Serbia, bombed by Clinton, is now 98% foreign owned. Iraq, bombed by Bush Sr. and Jr., where 100% of the country is open for foreign investment is disturbingly similar.

  2. mightyquinn Says:

    yep, the democrats, while being the lesser of the two evils are still largely…evil. They are just as willing to go to war and certainly tied up in corporate interests. As Goff points out, in some ways they are lucky not to have the next 4 years of imperialist injustice blamed on them….bt we are still left with a 2 party system largely controlled by corporate imperial intrests…most important question is “whats the solution?” Being in the green party has been a lttle unsatisfying. Easy for me to say, lets stand up and resist! Hard to make it happen. Solutions?

  3. mightyquinn Says:

    one problem with the left is our lack of unity. My experience with some activist groups has been disheartening as it often seems like folks get caught up in their one hot button issue or want to play the game of whos the bigger more dedicated activist who brushes their teeth with compost or whatever.

    My best experience was at Seatle WTO protests in 1999 where environmentalists, students, and labor really seemed to be working together. We all had factions of course, but the vibe was one of cooperation and not one-upping. At a recent SF antiwar rally I observed 2 speakers– one who addressed the crowd as “you” who are not being more supportive of struggles in Latin America, one who addressed the crowd as “we” who need to act together– guess which one was more charismatic and effective. Not that we should neglect Latin America but the blame game is truly ineffective in creating change. We’ve got to throw out the concept of “them.” Even with them Republicans

  4. Al Says:

    I don’t know what the best way is to unify all of us outside the two corporate parties. What you are saying sounds like it’s on the right path. I hear that the World Social Forum was very democratic and thus not hierarchical (using “we” instead of “you”). It seems countries like Venezuela under Hugo Chavez are leading the way of a state that supports its people, over the corporate elite. It also seems like a lot of the world is getting organized and fighting for social justice, from Nepal to Bolivia. I think a big part of our problem in the U.S. is the media consolidation. Only 6 companies controlling all mass media is a problem. It is basically state run media.

    By the way, there are demonstrations about to be held March 19 for the second anniversary of the war on Iraq. See the a.n.s.w.e.r. site for locations. I’ll keep my eye out for how its organized.

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