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11 Jun 2009

Reagan Was Worse Than George W. Bush

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Great article by an excellent journalist, Robert Parry…

Was Ronald Reagan an Even Worse President Than George W. Bush?
By Robert Parry, Consortium News

Granted, the very idea of rating Reagan as one of the worst presidents ever will infuriate his many right-wing acolytes and offend Washington insiders who have made a cottage industry out of buying some protection from Republicans by lauding the 40th President.

Cruelty with a Smile
With his superficially sunny disposition – and a ruthless political strategy of exploiting white-male resentments – Reagan convinced millions of Americans that the threats they faced were: African-American welfare queens, Central American leftists, a rapidly expanding Evil Empire based in Moscow, and the do-good federal government. In his First Inaugural Address in 1981, Reagan declared that “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

To marginalize dissent, Reagan and his subordinates stoked anger toward anyone who challenged the era’s feel-good optimism. Skeptics were not just honorable critics, they were un-American defeatists or – in Jeane Kirkpatrick’s memorable attack line – they would “blame America first.”

Love Reagan; Hate Bush
Ironically, George W. Bush has come in for savage criticism, but the Republican leader who inspired Bush’s presidency – Ronald Reagan – remained an honored figure, his name attached to scores of national landmarks including Washington’s National Airport.

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3 Responses to “Reagan Was Worse Than George W. Bush”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Love Regan and Love Bush. I am a die hard Republican and
    mighty proud to say so. I am right wing, love Jesus Christ
    and I have read the new health care proposed bill. I am very angry with the so called insiders and media saying I don’t
    understand what I read. I am tires of being told that I am ignorant. I have several degrees and come from an upper
    middle class background. It is because I have read the bill
    and understand it all too well to know I don’t want it. No more
    government in our lives, please. P.S. I didn’t vote for Obama
    but God Forbid if anything happened to him Bidden would be

  2. sam Says:

    I am shocked that anyone could look back and rate Reagan in the light you rated…??? First of all, if you rate someone rate them. Find comparative reasoning and do it with intellect. Pretend you went to college and pretend you aren’t a crazy left-horned democrat who still thinks Kennedy is a great Senator, Reid is the best our country could offer only behind a man like Joe Biden. He made great decisions that looking back, were incredibly forward thinking, took us out of a terrible economic nightmare, worked through a banking crisis, ended the cold war with USSR….remember nasty “communism”? These are just the few highlights you might have missed. Feel good optimism…I have to comment….is opposite to campaigning….our horrible economy…..over and over and over….then watching it fall rapidly…way to go Obama….propaganda works! Giving money away…spending away the problem with tax money that our great grand children will pay on…doesn’t.

  3. Al Says:

    Anonymous, I am glad that you are consistent, that you admit you like George W. Bush and Reagan. Now that you have read the 1000+ page bill, which is great, will you share what you don’t like? Why is government so bad to you? People love the fire department, social security, and medicare, and “cash for clunkers!” These are all government programs that work. And if you read the article, you would see that Reagan’s tactic was to tell America that government is the problem. Why not use taxes to make the country better for all our citizens?

    Sam, I think the point of the article is how people would be shocked because even Democrats like to bathe him in praise. But when you look at what he actually did, can you really be so surprised? I mean the war in Nicaragua is alone terrible enough. This was a big part of the “Commie’s are gonna get you in your bed” stuff, I mean come on! And this was the time of arming the crap out of Saddam Hussein, while at the same time selling arms to Iran and then using the profits to fund terrorists in Nicaragua! Then domestic policy, pitting minorities against each other by calling Asians “the model minority,” thereby implying other minorities need to shape up. And this was the beginning of trickle down economics, give tax cuts to the rich so that the rest of us can get the crumbs that fall off their caviar dinner plate. This has been our economic lives since then, and where has it gotten us? To top it off, government debt grew tremendously during his eight years.

    And finally, can you really blame the economic situation on Obama? I mean are you freaking serious? At this site you can safely say things you don’t like about Obama or anyone else for that matter, but at least be honest. The economy literally crumbled and almost exploded September 15, 2008, that was two months before Obama was elected, by a margin of 53%-46% over McCain.

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