Town Hall Meeting

We don't currently take donations, but here are places we recommend to donate time or money:
Independent Media
Democracy Now!
Independent Media Center
Free Press (Support Media Reform)

Direct Action
Act For Change (Direct Link to Decision Makers)
MoveOn (A Conduit for Direct Action)
True Majority (Give 2 Minutes a Month. We'll Give You a Better World)
Code Pink (Women for Peace)
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racisim)

Civil Liberties
Electronic Frontier Foundation (A Cyberspace Civil Liberties Group)
American Civil Liberties Union (The U.S. Guardian Of Liberty)

Human Rights, Peace, Justice
United For Peace and Justice (Social Justice)
The Carter Center (Waging Peace)
Amnesty International (Human Rights)
Human Rights Watch (Human Rights)
Moratorium Campaign (Stop the Death Penalty)
Peace Action West (World Peace)

Balancing Power With Corporations
McSpotlight (Putting a Spotlight on the McDonald's Corporation)
Creative Commons (Alternative to the Anti-Creative Copyright Laws)
CorpWatch (Holding Corporations Accountable)
Killer Coke (Campaign to Stop Killer Coke)

Natural Resources Defense Council (Protect the Environment)
Sierra Club

National Voting Rights Institute (Voting Reform)

Children's Defense Fund (Providing for Children)
Doctors Without Borders (Emergency Aid in Disaster Areas)

U.S. Green Party (Indep. Party for Peace, Justice, the Environment)
Democracy For America (Promote Progressive Democrats)
Center For American Progress (Progressive Ideas and Action)