Town Hall Meeting

Gallery of Political Art

Plato's Cave
Plato's Cave - 16th Century

Go here for a great, interactive explanation of Plato's allegory, The Cave

Banksy Follow Your Dreams Cancelled
Banksy - Outdoor Graffiti

Banksy is an excellent artist who does both outdoor graffiti art and indoor art pieces. His work is amazing and has a potent message. See all of his art here.

Banksy KKK Lynched
Banksy - Perhaps called "How does it feel?"

Banksy 20th Century Fox
Banksy - Story board from his "Simpsons" intro

Check out the full Simpsons intro here

Banksy Exploiting the Poor
Banksy - Perhaps called "What are you thinking?"

Erika Rothenberg - Freedom of Expression National Monument 1984

Erika Rothenberg - Another Century of Progress 1999-00

Evolution Of Man
Unknown Artist- Evolution Of Man

Leonardo Da Vinci Virgin Of The Rocks
Leonardo Da Vinci - The Madonna of the Rocks (version rejected) 1483-86

Leonardo Da Vinci The Last Supper
Leonardo Da Vinci - The Last Supper 1498