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Top List of Progressive and Independent Blogs

Stanford Law Professor and IP Rights Activist Larry Lessig
Technology, with Culture Considered Slashdot
Stan Goff Feral Scholar
Popular Political Analysis Daily Kos
Forum to advance progressive ideas and policies Think Progress
Barbara Ehrenreich comments on working in America Barbara's Blog
History, Middle East, South Asia, Religious Studies, War on Terror Informed Comment
Excellent info on the economy Nouriel Roubini's Global EconoMonitor
Dean Baker sets the record straight on economic news stories Beat the Press
Former Constitutional Law and Civil Rights Litigator Turned Investigative Journalist Glenn Greenwald
Privacy, Security, Politics and Crime Online Wired's Threat Level
News, analysis and reporting from independent journalist Jeremy Scahill Jeremy Scahill
Analysis and reporting from Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi Taibblog
Specializes in original reporting on government and politics and offers breaking news coverage, investigative reporting, high profile guest bloggers and a book club Talking Points Memo
Original reporting and commentary Firedoglake
Nate Silver Applies His Baseball Rating Skills to Analyze Political Elections With Excellent Accuracy 538

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